Vuex basics: Tutorial and explanation

Important Note: The API for vuex has improved tremendously since I wrote this article. It's now much better integrated with Vue. I have also written a new tutorial in the official vuex documentation with the new API but same concept.

This article still gives a very in-depth look about why vuex is important, how it works and how it can make your apps better and easier to maintain.

Vuex is an in-development and prototype library by the creator of Vue.js to help you build larger applications in a more maintainable way by following principles similar to those made popular by Facebook’s Flux library (and subsequent iterations by community like redux).

Instead of directly jumping into vuex and how to use it, in this post, I’ll explain the rationale behind why it is favorable to alternative approaches and how it is helpful to you.

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Hello World

Hello there! I am re-building my website after 5 years of running it off Google Sites. You can see what it looked like. Before this, from 2006 to 2010 it ran on WordPress.

I hope to write a few useful articles to share some of the things I’ve learnt over the last few years, and talk about the things I’m doing. Hope to see you around. Some notes:

This site is static HTML generated by the Hugo static site engine written in Go. I haven’t used hugo, or Go before, and am more comfortable with jekyll. But hugo seems quite nice so far and does things a little differently. Additionally it was one of the most refreshingly simple installation procedures I’ve ever encountered, versus having to install multiple native library dependencies for jekyll.